Bitcoin Accepted-Solution

Do you want to accept bitcoin for your services? We help you how to store your Bitcoin save (Cold Storage), clear the fear of your accountants (perheps even with external help) and support the technical integration of our solution.

By the way - we even adujst the colors and design to you corporate identity and send for every successfull incoming transaction and email to your accountant (incl. all the data that he/she needs 😉). Depending what you need: We have a flexible and fixied open - but nevertheless let us talk in person!

Popup - Flexible

Simple popup, where the "paying customer" enters the invoice number and the amount by him/herself. There is the possibility for a confirmation email and a "Bitcoin" inflation discount.

Use Cases

  • Paymentlink or QR Code on the invoice
  • Integration on you website
  • Simple POS solution e.g. hotel reception or company front desk

Popup - Fixed

Payment popup with prefilled values, where the customer optionally can enter a confirmation email address - but that's it.

Use Cases

  • Individual invoice links
  • Automatical invoice generation
  • Simple integration for external POS systems

How to integrate?



Invoice Link:

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